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Volgograd Sputnik Travel Company works at Volgograd tourist market since 1991. During this time we have grown into a leading tour operator in the Volgograd region. Quality of services provides a large and friendly team of real professionals. We accept all responsibilities for the reception and service of Russian and foreign tourists in Volgograd and its region, which includes booking and hotel accommodation, cultural activities, boat trips, providing of transport services, personal guides-interpreters, conferences and seminars, visit of the ethnographic museums.

The main profile of the company is the service in Volgograd of foreign tourists and the provision of short excurions and full-day private and group tours of Volgograd and its region.

At our website you can find the description of Volgograd sights, tours (virtual tours) and excursions of Volgograd.

Travel Company Volgograd Sputnik provides all kind of tourist services in Volgograd including:

  •     Individual and group tours in Volgograd (Stalingrad Battlefield Tours)
  •     Russian Visa support (invitation to Russia, hotel voucher)
  •     Hotel reservations (accommodation in Volgograd) 
  •     Transportation services
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It is for nearly four hundred years that this city has been standing on the Volga like a white swan with its wings spread free and wide. It stretches for almost 100 kilometres along the right bank of the great Russian river. The wide and full-flowing Volga keeps memories of the hoary past out of whose depths the uproar of forays by nomadic tribes, the moans of barge haulers, the strong voices of the popular leaders Stepan Razin, Yemelyan Pugachev, Josef Stalin and the rumbling echoes of the Civil and the Great Patriotic War can be heard as it were. 
It was here, by the walls of Stalingrad (this was the city's name at the time), that the greatest battle in the history of mankind, which was the turning point in the course of the Second World War, took place in 1942-1943. The subsequent rising of the city from its ashes within a period of 10-15 years will for ever remain one of the brightest page  in the history of the Soviet Union - Russia. Volgograd was awarded the honorary title of Hero City for the valour and heroism displayed by its defenders in the struggle against nazi invaders.
In Fallen Heroes' Square in the center of Volgograd rises a 26-metre-high obelisk erected abovethe common grave of 54 defenders of revolutionary Tsaritsyn (the first name of the city), who fell in action here during the Civil War. Next to it is a common grave where heroes who died defending the city on the Battle of Stalingrad lie buried. There are always fresh flowers and wreaths here.
In Lenin Square - one of the city's principal squares, where fighting was especially fierce during the Battle of Stalingrad - stands the House of Soldiers' Glory - the famous Pavlov House. A handful of men of courage defended this building for 58 days and nights. The nazis violently shelled and bombed it. Its bricks melted and staircases collapsed. Yet the heroes were stronger than stone. They held out and won. Having repulsed the enemy's innumerable attacks, the brave Soviet/Russian servicemen joined in the offensive together with the other units of their division on November 24, 1942. On a blank side wall of the Pavlov House a relief panel showing a generalised image of a soldier and an episode of the defence of the house has been mounted.
Yet the best monument to the heroes who defended and rebuilt this citadel on the Volga is the beautiful modern city itself with its spacious squares and avenues and with its million-strong population. 
Volgograd the toiler city is today one of the major industrial centres in the Russian Federation: there are more than 140 large and medium-size industrial enterprises in the city. Steel and aluminium, oil and steel cables, medical equipmentand building materials, river-going ships and chemical products are being shipped from here by river and by rail to all parts of Russia and abroad day and night. 
Volgograd the student city annually initiates thousands of college and school students into the world of knowledge. It has 13 higher education establishments, 20 technical secondary schools, 27 vocational schools and 140 secondary schools.
Volgograd the tourist city every day receives numerous tourists who are eager to see the legendary city on the Volga river in person.
Volgograd is the host city of football World Cup 2018. Today the city prepares to recieve thousands of foreign visitors in the June-July 2018. For the World Cup has already built a new modern stadium Volgograd Arene for 45,000 seats. The sport complex situates in front of the Grand Memorial Complex and park "To the Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad" at Mamayev Kurgan. The city has a modern infrastructure: hotels of famous international brands, parks, cinemas, interactive museums, discos, pubs, bars and restaurants of Russian, European and any of the world's cuisine. People of Volgograd with impatience and friendliness are waiting for guests from all over the world and are ready to help in everything. 
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Our guides will take care you won't be lost. We provide constant support from meeting in airport, transportation, accommodation at the hotel, accompanied during the tour program, including the purchase of tickets to museums, etc., catering and other assistance during your stay in Volgograd. We will advise you the best restaurants, stores, night clubs as well as accompany you there. We'll take care of everything for what you may worry about.
The company is included in the United federal register of tour operators and has a valid register number PTO 008528 for international incoming and domestic tourism. Our excursions, tours and other supplemental services in Volgograd you can find at our website.


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