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More info about tours of Volgograd formely Stalingrad

Some usefull information if you decided to visit Stalingrad, nowadays Volgograd.

Individual and Group Tours in Volgograd. How does it work?

We meet our tourists upon arrival in Volgograd airport or at the railway station.
We start our tours on the same or next day from your hotel (depends on arrival time). 
Our clients do not care about anything (buying tickets etc).
During the tours we always provide free time for break to have lunch. When we have tour outside city, we may provide lunch package to have a snack at open air.
For the dinner our guides will suggest you restaurants or bars or will give another advice where to go in evening.

We help our tourists to get acquainted closer with Russia. We guarantee that you will not get bored, not only during the tour but also after. We will help you to buy souvenirs.


Small Group Tours. People come in a comfortable company of their friends or their own family (usually 3-5 persons). The benefit is that you enjoy company of people you know well. You come to Volgograd/Stalingrad/ on the dates convenient for you. Recommended for families or friends who can travel together on the same dates.

Half Day Tours are perfect for beginners, customers with children, or those who cannot attend full-time tours for some reason.

Individual Tours are very good for experienced travellers / feeling comfortable in a foreign country/or those who want to focus on their own ideas and schedule  In this case all the time of the tour belongs to you alone. Very flexible tours. Recommended for historians, history buffs, writers, photographers or people who  follow their own plans.

Group Tours for Fixed Dates. For those who want to participate in  a group/or a small group/ tour with new people and, maybe, make new friendship. Also for those who are free to choose traveling dates. We suggest some particular fixed datefor you to gather in Stalingrad/Volgograd on the same day.

The dates are not random – they are particular for the history of the battle. In that case you benefit to follow the events in similar weather conditions. The tours usually coincide with special museum exhibitions, parades and public events. Drawbacks – reservation must be done well in advance because hotels should be reserved well in advance due to many guests coming to the city.

What is the difference between our offers and the others?

Since the entry into Russia until the end of your stay, our company is responsible for your safety. That's why all our tours already include medical insurance for the entire stay. At the time of confirmation of the tour, we send you an invitation to Russia, as well as a travel voucher with describing of all confirmed services (hotel reservation, transfers, medical insurance, tour program). At all tourist visas obtained at the Russian consulate will be spelled out the name of our company and our license number. 

Group Tours Schedule (Fixed Dates)

February 1-5, 2019 includes February the 2nd, the end of the battle for Stalingrad and its annual celebrations
May 7-11, 2019 Victory Day annual tour
June 21-25, 2019 Beginning of the Barbarossa operation (June 22nd, 1941). More group tours will be available during Football World Cup 2018. 
July 17-19, 2019 Beginning of the battle for Stalingrad (July 17th, 1942)
August 23, 2019 - city burnt in the air raid
September 17-21 2019
Year-round 1,2 and 3 day tours on request

November 17-21, 2019 Beginning of the Russian counterattack (November 19th, 1942)



You can request a Group tour. Individual and Small Group Tours are available and provided on request all year-round. 

The suggested balanced itinerary for a 1, 2 and 3 day tours you may find in our Extended tours.